If you’re a fellow creative then you’ll understand when I say that sometimes you get an idea in your head that you simply must execute, whether through painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, or in my case – photography. This behind-the-scenes film and the photos that follow are from a personal project I did last fall. If you’ve been following our work for a while, you may recognize some of the photographs – you can see our original post here! In fact, I encourage you to go see the original post and read the lovely short story that accompanies these images – it was written by my dear friend Paige! She and Tim and I spent months scouring local thrift and antique stores, piecing together the vision I had in mind. I love what we came up with in the end, and I thought all of you might like a little insight into how it all came together – hence the behind-the scenes film! Enjoy!!

Many thanks to Tim for putting up with my crazy ideas and filming this fun behind-the-scenes piece, to our models Sara Orr and Lily (the dog), to Courtney Thomas for her hair and makeup expertise, to Kim McIlwaine for allowing us to use her property for this shoot, to my mom for her mad sewing skills, and my dad for letting us borrow his nature collection and for teaching me to be curious about the world around me, and to Paige Nguyen for drawing the sketches you see in the photos and for writing a beautiful short story to accompany these images.