Apr 18, 2014
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This wedding was immensely special for Tim and I to film. Taylor and Drew are friends of ours from Wheaton, and Tay and I were roommates our senior year. Taylor is a fabulous photographer in the Charleston area and she and I actually photographed one of our very first weddings together! Little did we know back then we’d both be doing this full-time!

Before Taylor and Drew got engaged, I remember Taylor and I chatting with our girlfriends about whether we’d rather attend a friend’s wedding as a guest or document it. I immediately answered that I’d rather document it. I love the intimacy of filming (or photographing) a dear friend’s big day.  I feel I get to celebrate with them on their day and continue celebrating with them in the days, weeks, and months to come as we edit through the footage and put together a film that tells their story.

As a videographer I got to have a first hand look at the joy on Taylor’s mom’s face as she helped her get into her dress and the sweet words she and the girls prayed over her before sending her off to see Drew.

I got to see the excitement on Taylor’s face and her sweet tears when we surprised her with a Skype conversation with Lily, our college roommate who SO wished she wasn’t in South Korea that day, celebrating from the other side of the globe.

Tim got to witness the relaxed, carefree morning the boys had over at their house. (Seriously. Drew is one of the most chill, easy-going people we know.) And he got to hear Drew’s words about Taylor – his thoughtful and honest words expressing how deeply he loves this girl.

I got to witness the deep breaths Taylor took and her nervous excitement right before she got to see Drew – even though she has photographed tons of other brides and their first looks, she was suddenly asking me “What do I do? Do I just walk up behind him? Do I tap him on the shoulder?” Now, this was her moment. Not the moment for all the other brides she had guided into their first looks before that. This was her moment to see her groom and she savored it completely.

We got to spend so much time exploring the grounds of the Pepper Plantation with the two of them and Jonny and Michele of Paper Antler (You HAVE to go see the photographs they captured of this day! What a JOY it was for us to get to work alongside these two incredibly talented and passionate photographers!) Taylor and Drew had the most relaxed first look and photo time, and it shows. They weren’t concerned with rushing off to the next thing. They planned in plenty of time for photos and video, and for that we are so grateful – it makes such a big difference!

We are so proud of this film we put together of Taylor and Drew’s day. We hope that as you watch it you find yourselves celebrating with us and with Taylor and Drew as we did together on this beautiful day.

Taylor+Drew Wedding from Grain & Compass on Vimeo.


Venue: The Pepper Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina

Coordinator: Emily Weidle

Hair/Makeup: Abby Scherf

Flowers: Branch Design Studio

Rental Company: Snyder Event Rental

Officiant: Brodie Swanson

Photo Booth: Finger Snappin

Caterer: Crazy Dutchman

Cake (Pie!): Crazy Dutchman

Bar: Spike

DJ: Finger Snappin Entertainment

Photography: Paper Antler

Videography: Grain & Compass

This past year we started shooting film again for fun. I’d forgotten how much I missed it! I love the mystery of not really knowing how it’ll turn out, the anticipation of waiting for my prints to come back from the developer,  and the joy of seeing that they turned out better than I had hoped. Most of all, I love the realness of each image – the grain and the color, the beauty of a photo captured not on an electronic sensor, but on a piece of film, the light and the chemicals working together in a dance of science to produce a beautiful finished image. Just recently we got a few rolls of film back from Richard Photo Lab in California, and we were thrilled with the results. I had to share a few of the images we captured over this past year or so as we experimented with film again.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of many things for Tim and I, especially for being our “off season.” We’ve been chugging away on a few winter wedding films, working on a couple films for non-profits, attending workshops and traveling to see family and friends, doing some minor (and major) home renovations on the house we rent, Tim’s been taking online classes to finish his teaching certification in NC, and amidst all of this we’re trying to remember to take some time to breathe.

Our most recent big project is a food blog I launched called This Wild Season. I’m super excited about sharing what I’m learning in the kitchen and out, and having a more personal platform to share about our lives and all the ups and downs. I hope that This Wild Season will become a place to encourage others, whether it be to try new things in the kitchen, live fully in the present, or invite others into their homes and their lives – there’s so much to be learned in the places where our stories intersect with others.

Speaking of stories, Tim recently attended the Storytelling With Heart workshop put on by Stillmotion. It was an incredible experience and he’s still sort of processing all that he learned in the two-day experience. After the workshop Tim felt it was necessary to express his appreciation to the guys who led the second portion of the workshop in particular – it was a day of hands-on filming for a piece they’re compiling throughout the tour. He walked away from that day with a newfound excitement and passion for filmmaking and storytelling, so it was only appropriate that those guys know how inspiring they are to other filmmakers like ourselves. We were thrilled this weekend to see that Tim was actually quoted on the Story & Heart blog – you can read it under the first section here!

As we sit on the verge of our busy season starting up in a couple weeks, we feel so much excitement for what this year will hold. We’re working with some absolutely incredible couples who have the most beautiful and unique stories! We can’t wait to share them with you here! If you know anyone who’s tying the knot this year, send them our way – we’re currently booking 2014 and 2015 wedding stories! We’re looking for couples who are passionate about beautiful photography and videography, and those who want to let us into their lives so we can capture and share their stories with others.

All images captured with the Canon EOS 3, Sitacon RX-7, and Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S. Various Portra films, Kodak Tri-X 400, Ilford HP5 Plus 400, and Instax films used.

We’ve been keeping this shoot to ourselves the past couple weeks but are so excited to share it now! Many thanks to The Lovely Find for featuring it on their blog yesterday – first, go check out the lovely little write-up they did on it, and then come back here for more goodness!

As the first winter snow storm of the season was baring down on us here in North Carolina, we felt the buzz of excitement in the air. “Did you hear?! We might get SNOW!” “I think school might get cancelled! I can’t remember the last time we had a snow day!” One thing everyone is well aware of now is that the South is ill-equipped to handle any amount of snow – no matter how small. A quarter-inch of powder on the ground? Everything shuts down. Everyone runs to the grocery store and purchases all the milk, bread, and batteries their carts will carry. That part is pretty comical, as you’d think the end of the world was fast approaching. But in reality, the roads quickly get icy here, and winter weather is so infrequent that no one actually knows how to drive in this type of weather.

As I stood at my kitchen window drinking my coffee the other week, watching the gray skies outside and wondering how much snow we’d get, I had a thought. I wondered what would happen if someone had planned their wedding for the very next day. What would happen if their wedding was snowed-in? What if the florist couldn’t make it, the caterer wasn’t about to drive on the icy roads, and the cake designer was snowed into her own house with the beautiful confection she’d made for the wedding? What would I do if it were MY wedding that got snowed-in? I certainly wouldn’t think of canceling or postponing the big day!

I imagined a scenario where all my closest family and friends were already in town for my wedding, but none of the vendors were going to make it due to the snowy weather. I challenged myself and Tim to style a wedding using only what we already had around the house. As the snow started to fall here in North Carolina, we scoured our home for decorations that would fit the theme of a lovely snowed-in winter wedding. We searched our yard for anything leafy and green, and I created a garland of handpicked greenery to adorn the center of our table. We filled in our centerpiece with a variety of gold and glittered pinecones, along with driftwood and moss we had around the house. We used all our own furniture, dishes, napkins, and blankets, as one would have to do in a snowed-in wedding scenario.

I imagined wanting my guests to be warm and cozy and truly feel welcomed – for us, food is a big part of how we make our friends and family feel welcome in our own home, so the menu was very important. I started with the idea of serving bread and milk as a proverbial nod to the crazies that fill their carts with exactly that at the mere mention of snow on the news. And what’s more comforting than a bowl of warm chili on a cold winter day? Obviously that had to be on our menu – who cares that it’s not “typical wedding fare”? We added fresh-squeezed lime juice and Sriracha to fancy it up a bit! And finally, for dessert we made brown butter chocolate chip cookies dusted with sea salt to go with our cozy, comforting theme. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want milk and cookies for dessert at a wedding?

In addition to our table setting, we created an ethereal ceremony backdrop by stringing sheer curtains between two trees in our woods and adorning them with a garland of gold glittered pinecones. We also dreamt up what I affectionately call “the cozy corner,” complete with a trunk full of blankets for guests to wrap up in, and a hot chocolate bar for them to enjoy a warm after-dinner treat! I hand-lettered all the paper goods, and hand-embroidered the menu card with gold thread to reflect the gold accents we had throughout our tablescape. In addition, the vintage ring we featured was a gift from my grandmother – the emerald stone and gold setting fit perfectly as the unique “engagement ring” for our shoot.

We had a wonderful time challenging ourselves to DIY a winter wedding in less than 24 hours using only what we already had around the house. Our hope is that this shoot would inspire future brides to think outside the box and be creative when their wedding plans don’t go quite as smoothly as they had hoped!

Photography: Grain & Compass

Styling: Asharae & Tim Kroll

Florals: Asharae Kroll

Paper Goods/Lettering: Asharae Kroll

Venue: Private home outside Charlotte, NC

And just in case you haven’t gotten enough snowy inspiration, check out this lovely little short film Tim put together while we were snowed-in again last week! It’s best served full-screen (in HD!) with the volume turned up enough to get the full effect.

Snow Day from The Krolls on Vimeo.

Daniel and Kayla are two of our dearest friends. I had the privilege of standing alongside Kayla as one of her bridesmaids and she did the same for me at our wedding. I’ve known Daniel since 4th grade and Kayla since high school. There’s a different depth of friendship that comes with knowing one another through all our awkward phases, our relationships that didn’t work out, our inside jokes that are somehow still funny, and all life’s ups and downs. For Daniel and Kayla, many of us knew from the start that it was meant to last. We wouldn’t have been able to put it to words when we were just sophomores and juniors in high school, but looking back now it makes so much sense. Daniel and Kayla always had a maturity about their relationship that far surpassed their years. They first met one night at an astronomy observation at our high school – our astronomy class often gathered late at night or early in the morning to look at constellations, see lunar eclipses, and look at Mars and Saturn through a telescope.

In Daniel and Kayla’s film, Tim included a couple time-lapses of the sun and moon crossing the sky on their wedding day as a tribute to the night they met and the passion they both have for astronomy and all things outdoorsy. The title I designed was inspired by the star charts we used in high school to locate constellations and map the path of each planet.

As Kayla attended college and pharmacy school at Chapel Hill, and Daniel went to school and got a job in Charlotte, they had to endure many years of long distance after high school. I really don’t know of anyone who could endure that kind of strain on a relationship better than Daniel and Kayla – they persevered through the distance and their relationship is stronger because of it. I’m so very grateful to call these two friends. Enjoy a little taste of the sweetness that is Daniel and Kayla’s relationship, and cozy up with their film on this cold winter day!

Daniel + Kayla Wedding Film from Grain & Compass on Vimeo.


Venue: Magnolia Glen in Locust, NC

Salon: Hairy Carey

Makeup: Leslie Hatley-Murray

Flowers: Elaine Huneycutt

Pastor: Rev. Rick Brundin

Catering: Family Catering Service

Cake: Della Teeples

DJ: Wes Tucker

Photography: Huneycutt Photography

Videography: Grain & Compass

Feb 12, 2014

In honor of the epic (from a Southerner’s perspective) amount of snow that is currently falling on us here in North Carolina, I thought I’d share a few photos Tim and I took yesterday while exploring the winter wonderland that is our backyard. I know, I KNOW, some of you are so tired of snow and cold weather – and I don’t blame you! I’d be tired of negative temperatures too! But here in NC we just can’t get enough of it right now (until the power goes out, that is). For now, we’re soaking up this day, the beautiful fluffy flakes falling out of the sky, and cozying up with our coffee and some delicious donuts I whipped up this morning. All the while working on a few wedding films we’ve got headed your way – cannot wait to share them!

I hope ya’ll are taking advantage of this day, wherever you might be! Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you – snow, rain, or sun – just breathe and be grateful.

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