It’s hard to put into words how immensely special it was to film this day for Juliana and Jeremiah. Their day was filled with pure, overwhelming, and overflowing joy.

Tim and I worked at summer camp with Juliana several years ago and I had the privilege of being her “unit leader,” essentially a mentor for her and several other girls over the summer. It was so meaningful to celebrate and join in the joy of Juliana and Jeremiah’s day. I sat for a few moments with the other girls from my Unit during the reception, and we just looked across the table at one another, joy and happy tears filling our eyes at the beauty of this day.

When you’ve been in the trenches together – even just for a season, when you’ve served together, prayed together, rejoiced and grieved together, when you’ve walked alongside one another through joy and through pain – it makes a day like this one that much more meaningful.

I love the words that Jeremiah’s dad shared with the two of them during the ceremony. He gave them three important things to remember as they enter into marriage. 1. Believe that you were formed for one another. 2. Be best friends forever. 3. Treat each other as equals. These three things together form such a beautiful picture of what marriage should be.

The love that Jeremiah and Juliana have for one another is so sweet and intentional. Each piece of their ceremony reflected this intentionality – we chose to open the film with their vows because of how carefully thought-out they were. Juliana and Jeremiah’s words simply set the tone for the rest of their day.

These two got married against the backdrop of Detroit – a city they’ve fallen in love with. They had their ceremony in a gorgeous historic church and the reception at the classic Detroit Yacht Club – a beautiful space out on Belle Isle, overlooking the Detroit skyline. And that reception. Man oh man did we have a celebration on our hands. I have never seen a dance floor fill up so quickly before – you’ll see it in the film – a little surprise choreography and then BAM everyone else joined in. Epic is the only way I know how to describe it. The feeling of being in that room and experiencing that overflow of joy was unbelievable.

All that being said, I pray this film reflects even just a fraction of the beauty and depth and joy of Jeremiah and Juliana’s wedding day.

Jeremiah + Juliana // A Detroit Wedding from Grain & Compass on Vimeo.

Hair + Makeup: Detroit Glam

Ceremony Venue: Hope Community Church

Flowers: Viviano Flower Shop, Eastern Farmers Market

Officiant: Jeremiah Lepasana Sr.

Reception Venue: Detroit Yacht Club

Caterer: Detroit Yacht Club

DJ: Matthew Sakdalan

Photography: Robert Tunberg Photography

Videography: Grain & Compass

We just adore these two. Lauren and I were roommates in college and we got to visit her and her husband in Phoenix this summer. We had an amazing time exploring Phoenix with them for a few days and eating at all their favorite restaurants. We’re already trying to figure out the next time we can make it back to Arizona!

Lauren and Andrew are the kind of people that care deeply for those around them. They ask good questions and are passionately curious. The night before we did this photo shoot with them, they asked us about our business, our philosophy, why we do what we do, and where we find meaning in our work. Sometimes it’s hard to put words to those things, but we’re finding it more and more valuable as we continue on our entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes I feel that sharing all the “why” behind what we do with our couples will spoil the actual experience of being photographed – but now I realize I’m very wrong in that. As we shared with Lauren and Andrew, and they got more excited and enthusiastic for the work we do, Lauren exclaimed “I can’t wait for you guys to photograph us!”

Over the past several months, we’ve begun putting more words to the work that we do. We’ve been crafting a way of working with our couples that not only captures beautiful photos and video, but also creates an experience for them. The couples that are willing to trust us and let us do what we are passionate about end up with photos that reflect something beautiful, intimate, and I would even venture to say sacred. When we’re able to create an environment that draws our couples closer to one another, and they’re willing to come along for the adventure, that is when we know we’re doing exactly what we’re meant to.

Through the experience of sharing our “why” with Lauren and Andrew, and then photographing them the next day, we left feeling so encouraged and so right with everything we do. Between the laughter, the sweet tears, and the quiet intimate moments, Lauren and Andrew let us see them. They let their guards down and let us photograph them. The real them. What a rare gift. We are so grateful.

It’s been so fun for us to capture this season of Brooke and Drew’s story for them – from their engagement session last fall, to Brooke’s bridal session at Pawley’s Island this spring, to their wedding at Canterbury School in Greensboro this summer. These two high school sweethearts dated long-distance all through college, and we’re so excited for them as they begin the next chapter of their story together in Greenville.

One of our favorite parts about Brooke and Drew’s day was the music – Drew is part of an a cappella group from UNC Chapel Hill and they preformed during both the ceremony and reception. I got chills listening to their beautiful voices filling the chapel! Drew also surprised Brooke during the reception and sang to her with the Psalm 100 a cappella group backing him up – sweet happy tears were had all around!

Brooke and Drew chose not to see one another before the ceremony, but instead held hands around a corner and prayed with one another. We love this alternative to a first look – if you’re all about sticking to tradition, this is a wonderful way to step away from the whirlwind of the wedding day, calm your nerves, and keep your focus on the meaning and beauty of the day.

As Brooke and her dad walked down the aisle, the wave of emotion that washed over her was so sweet. One moment excited and beaming, the next she spotted her groom and the happy tears started to well up in her eyes – all their years together had led to this moment.

Before you enjoy Brooke + Drew’s photos, I highly recommend opening another tab with Psalm 100′s music and playing your favorite song as you scroll through this lovely wedding day!


Venue: Canterbury School – Phillips Chapel and Berry Hall

Coordinator: Traci Hardy

Hair: Melanie Smith

Makeup: Molly Vidovich

Florist: Kari Sells

Officiant: Chris Hardy

Ceremony Musicians: Psalm 100, Jake Crenshaw, and Patrick Collins

Caterer: Above and Beyond

Cake: Sweet Meg’s

DJ: Justin Gage

Videographer: ElevenEleven Films

Photographer: Grain & Compass

These two just get it. Their love was such a privilege for us to capture through both photos and film.

If you haven’t seen the photographs we captured from their day, be sure to check them out and read their story here!

Steph + Thad Wedding from Grain & Compass on Vimeo.


Ceremony Venue: Nashotah House Theological Seminary

Hair/Makeup: Signature Salon & Spa

Dress: From Betrothed Boutique

Flowers: Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse

Officiant: Thad Butcher

Reception Venue: Chenequa Country Club

Caterer: Chenequa Country Club

Cake: Simma’s Bakery

DJ: Midwest Sound

Photography: Grain & Compass

Videography: Grain & Compass

Happy Friday you guys! Have anything fun planned for the weekend? A trip to a museum or the farmer’s market, staying at home with a good book, or perhaps a trip to the mountains or the beach?

I had a fantastic time with the Adams a while back during their annual family trip to the beach! You might recognize them from Lauren and David’s wedding we filmed quite a while ago! I got to spend the day playing with sand between my toes and salty air in my hair, capturing memories for this sweet family. It was so special to hear their stories throughout the day – especially the legacy of the grandparents (now great-grandparents) and the sweet, enduring love they have for one another. It truly was a joy for me to capture four generations of this family, to be there for nap time and snack time, to experience the ebbs and flows of the day, to walk and sit on the beach together and share stories, and even to stay for dinner and chat late into the evening while munching on copious amounts of homemade popcorn.

Thank you, friends, for inviting me into your family for a day to capture these moments for you.